HTM Bamboocycles video

La creación de la Bamba fue un trabajo arduo y entretenido, gracias a Bamboocycles y su proyecto de Taller HTM  por hacer posible tener una bicicleta de bambú con el plus de construirla con mis manos. Como parte del proyecto de viajar documentando diversos aspectos culturales y turísticos de México y otros países del continente americano en esta ocasión les comparto el video de la creación de  La Bamba.

The creation of La Bamba, a bicycle made from bamboo and carbon fibers,  was a fun and yet demanding experience.  It was built during the workshop Taller HTM  where you are able to really be a part of the process since you are the one responsible for it.  There is nothing quite like a bamboo bicycle, especially one you get to build with your own two hands. As part of the developing project of recording and documenting different cultural and touristic features of Mexico, and other countries throughout the continent,  I’ve decided to share with you the very beginning of the journey: the making of La Bamba.